Levu is an international brand specializing in the design and handmade production of clothing and bedroom accessories made entirely of natural silk by artisans in Ninh Binh.

VISION: Levu aims to develop into a design brand – hand-crafted in Asia’s leading natural silk products.

The narrative
of Levu brand

As a person who loves to explore and experience new things, Mr. Le Vu – founder of the Levu silk brand has been to many places only to realize “The farther you go, the more new things you know, the more you appreciate what is closest and most familiar”.

Born and raised in the middle of a craft village with a tradition of 30 years of embroidery, he has always had a desire to develop the traditional craft here and introduce the culture to the world. As the technology era develops, we get used to industrial production products “hundreds as one” with the characteristic smell of plastic, which makes him “hypnotized” by skillful hands, Silky smooth threads in an old, familiar setting.

He believes that everyone who understands and upholds the values ​​of “The true, The good and The beautiful” deserves to know and experience the most “premium” fabric ever. But due to the limitation in quantity and production time as well as the profit generated, handmade Silk has become obsolete in the market and Levu was born with the mission of preserving and promoting the precious craft village

core values


In all fields, the word “Heart” must be put on top. In the field of handicraft production, the word “Heart” of the craftsman is the meticulousness and care in each hand-stich to create the most beautiful value for the customer.


Levu wants customers to always have a fresh experience and free expression of personality with Levu products, so we value creativity and continuous innovation in design, aesthetics and stages manufacturing.


Levu is not only a “salesman” but also a “friend” who will always accompany customers, always ready to guarantee all products, each hand- stitch after many years of use.


After all, the preservation and preservation of good cultural values is aimed at improving the spiritual and material life for the artisan in poor village