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Levu is a rare brand that designs and manufactures completely handmade mulberry silk fabrics and products from natural silk fabrics. Therefore, all stages from raising silkworms, taking cocoons, weaving,hand – stitching and embroidering… all have special human imprints. In order to meet the requirements of sophistication in design and meticulousness in sewing, Levu’s production team are all embroidery artists in Hoa Lu craft village in Ninh Binh.

Mulberry silk represents the “soul,” the culture, and the belief of the craftsmen who were born and reared in a well-known craft hamlet call name is Hoa Lu. They have a strong desire to conserve the innate beauty of natural silk fabric and to send it “flying” far away, instilling excellent values in people. All of those thoughts and hopes go into each needle, thread, and fabric to create the most beautiful and unique products for customers.

Production process

raising silkworms

Raising silkworms takes a lot of work, the farmer has to spend all day looking after the silkworms, even when they have a meal.

incubating silk

The workers will separate the silk thread from the premium silk cocoons


3 or 5 silk threads will be intertwined into a thick silk thread to prepare to be woven into a silk fabric

weaving silk

Silk fabrics are woven from 100% natural silk fibers

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